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Jonathan Paris, Henry Jackson Society Event, House of Commons, 2 July 2008

Jonathan S. Paris is Adjunct Fellow, The Hudson Institute, Washington DC.

From a HJS Event profile:

Jonathan Paris an analyst of Middle Eastern and Islamic movements, and an Adjunct Fellow with the Hudson Institute. From 1995 to 2000 he worked as Middle East Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He has just completed a study of Europe and its Muslim population for the U.S. Department of Defense, having previously produced reports on the Future of Saudi Arabia, and Radical Islam in Europe.
Mr. Paris has commented on CNN, BBC, Sky News, Fox News, and NBC News, and has written for Foreign Affairs, the Financial Times, New York Sun, Baltimore Sun, and Asharq Alawsat, an Arab daily newspaper based in London. He co-edited the first book on Indonesia’s democratic transition, The Politics of Post-Suharto Indonesia (Council on Foreign Relations, 1999), and from 1994-97 lectured at Yale University on Islam and Politics in the Middle East, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. A Cleveland native, he is a graduate of Yale and Stanford Law School.

Jonathan Paris has just completed a detailed study of European approaches towards Radical Islam, with a particular focus on the UK's efforts. His study compares the ideological challenges facing Western Europe today with those encountered during the Cold War. It provides a detailed analysis of the ways in which demographics, economics and segregated communities affect social cohesion. It also examines what various branches of the UK government are doing to counter extremism, probes the relationship between foreign policy and radicalisation, and details the inadequacy of the government’s current efforts. Mr. Paris will present his findings, and suggest ways in which Britain can celebrate its values in a way that includes and even entices moderate opinion.[1]

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  1. Henry Jackson Society event: "UK Counter–Radicalisation Strategy: A shift from accommodation to confrontation?", House of Commons, 2 July 2008