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According to a 1999 biographical note Luxmoore:

has been an accredited Eastern European correspondent in Warsaw for the National Catholic Register (Los Angeles and Hamden) since 1989, as well as a freelance writer for several other newspapers and news services in the U.S. and Europe. In 1982-88, he was chief editor of the Institute for European Defence and Strategic Studies and, in 1980-82, librarian and archivist for the Institute for the Study of Conflict, both in London. He has five Catholic Press Association Awards for coverage of religious affairs during Eastern Europe's transition to democracy, as well as the 1992 Silver Award from Worldfest Houston for his film, "A Time to Build" (ABC and PBS-TV). His latest book is The Vatican and the Red Flag: The Struggle for the Soul of Eastern Europe (London and New York, 1999).[1]



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