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John Parker served as an MI5 officer in the 1970s.[1]

Northern Ireland

According to David Leigh:

MI5 fought - and beat - MI6 for control of Intelligence in Northern Ireland under a succession of 'DCI's on two-year tours to this new, uninhibited career-posting - Ian Cameron, Jack Credock, John Parker.[1]

The Civil Service Yearbook for 1978, which went to press in November 1977, lists "J. Parker (liaison staff)" as an Under Secretary at the Northern Ireland Office in Belfast, the position held the previous year by John Cradock.[2] He was listed in the same position in 1979 and 1980.[3][4]

S Branch

According to journalist Philip Willan, Parker was the head of S Branch of MI5 in 1982. According to Willan, Parker was 'head of operational contacts for the whole of the United Kingdom' when he and MI6 officers Nigel Morley and Trevor Pidgeon met with SISMI officer Francesco Delfino who was investigating the Roberto Calvi affair.[5]

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