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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) was founded in 1976 by Professor Daniel J. Elazar, as "an independent, non-profit institute for policy research and education serving Israel and the Jewish people." It has produced hundreds of studies by leading researchers on a variety of topics about and/or relevant to Jews and Israel. Since 2000 it has focused its efforts on 'hasbara' activities, which it describes as "the need to present Israel's case in the wake of the renewed Palestinian violence", as well as "the return of anti-Semitism in the post-Holocaust period". JCPA maintains it has "developed and implemented an array of cutting-edge programs to present Israel's case to the world."

JCPA is the parent body of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs and is affiliated with the Center for Jewish Community Studies in Baltimore, Maryland. The JCPA publishes a number of regular reports including Daily Alert, Jerusalem Viewpoints, Jerusalem Issue Briefs, NGO Monitor (which is a "joint venture" of JCPA and co-founded with B'nai B'rith,[1][2] and Israel Campus Beat. Other on-going programs include studies of Global Terrorism, Jerusalem in International Diplomacy, the Israeli Economy and Privatization, Jews and Religion in the American Public Square, Israel's Political System, and Water in Israel and the Region Toward the Year 2020. JCPA's president is former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dore Gold.

JCPA shares its acronym with the similarly-named Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a community relations agency that brings together 13 national and 125 local Jewish community relations council on domestic and international issues.


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It received $30,000 from the Abstraction Fund in 2014. [3]


Unless otherwise stated the source for all of the people listed here is the JCPA website.[4]

  • Ambassador Dore Gold - President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
  • Professor Daniel J. Elazar, z"l - Founder of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Who's Who at the Jerusalem Center (in alphabetical order)

Administrative Personnel

Projects Director: Edna Weinstock-Gabay Institute for Contemporary Affairs Project Coordinator: Tzipi Senderov Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Project Coordinator: Elisabeth Mayman Bookkeeper: Esther Zalis

Steering Committee of the Board of Fellows


*** Member of Board of Directors

Board of Overseers

* Member of the Executive Committee
** Chairman of the Executive Committee



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