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Jenny Davey (real name Jennifer Susan Perks) (born 13 May 1977) is one of three founders in 2012 of the East London Science School along with David Perks (to whom she is married, an associate of the LM network) and Mark Andrew Smith who works in UK and Offshore Banking Technology at Barclays Wealth. She is more usually known by her birth name Jenny Davey under which name she has had a career as a journalist with the Murdoch press (five years with The Times on banking and property and then four years with the Sunday Times rising to the post of City editor) and latterly - form 2011 - as a PR person with Financial PR firm RLM Finsbury where she represents J Sainsbury, Darty plc, RBS, Essar Group and Quintain.[1]

Davey/Perks spoke at the 2006 Battle of Ideas on the 'battle for affluence'.[2] She also spoke at the 2007 Battle of Ideas on 'Will ethical shopping save the world?'.[3]

Perks served on the board of the East London Science School Trust from 23/02/2012-16/10/2012.[4]


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