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The Jamestown Foundation is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, whose stated mission is to "inform and educate" policy makers about events and trends which it regards as being of current "strategic" importance to the United States. Its website claims that: “Jamestown’s material is delivered without political bias, filter or agenda.”

It was founded in 1984, after Jamestown's late president and founder William Geimer's work with Arkady Shevchenko, the highest-ranking Soviet Union official ever to defect when he left his position as undersecretary general of the United Nations. The foundation was initially dedicated to supporting Soviet dissidents and defectors. Currently, its primary focus is on China, Russia/Eurasia and Terrorism. Its publications include: Chechnya Weekly, China Brief, Eurasia Daily Monitor, North Korea Review, Spotlight on Terror, Terrorism in Focus, and Terrorism Monitor. Previous publications included: Eurasia Security Trends, Fortnight in Review, Monitor, Prism, Russia and Eurasia Review, and Russia’s Week. The Jamestown Foundation acquires its information through official or intelligence channels.

The foundation’s 17-member board includes Chairman Clinton I. Smullyan and Vice Chairman R. James Woolsey, Jr.. The other members are Zbigniew Brzezinski, Barbara Buchanan, Jams H. Burnley, Peter C. Cook, Diana Denman, Willem deVogel, Edward O. Gaylord, James G. Gildwitz, Patrick W. Gross, Ralph Hauenstein, James Hauslein, Artemis Joukowsky, Woody Peterson, and Arthur Waldron. Vice President Dick Cheney and Marcia Carlucci, wife of Frank Carlucci, are former board members.


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