James Jesus Angleton

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James Angleton

James Jesus Angleton, (1917-1987) was head of CIA counterintelligence for more than 20 years. [1]

American Security Council

Angleton began working at the Washington office of the American Security Council in the summer of 1976. He served as President of an organization created by ASC and run out of the Council’s offices, known as the Security and Intelligence Fund.[2] According to the ASC, Angleton gave a grim summary of the outlook for the CIA, during his first visit to the Council's Congressional Conference Center.

According to Angleton, the CIA’s counterintelligence division was effectively disbanded, and for all practical purposes covert operations were also shut down. He also said morale at Langley was dismal.[2]

The ASC gives the following account of comments by Angleton, apparently at an ASC luncheon in May 1976:

Angleton said it was essential for America’s national security for both the CIA and the FBI to be rescued. He thought William Colby’s firing was an excellent start, and he had a high opinion of the current Director, George H.W. Bush. Because of the Church Committee and other investigations, he thought Bush needed considerable support. “This is the first time in history that the CIA needs overt public support, and we have to let the American people know what is happening,” Angleton said.[2]



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