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James Dyson is the billionaire CEO of vacuum cleaner firm Dyson Ltd.

He is a vocal supporter of a 'hard' Brexit. He is an advisor to Economists for Free Trade, a lobby group pushing for similar.

Brexit campaigner

Dyson is a cheerleader for a ‘hard Brexit’. He has said he expects negotiations to fail and the UK to exit Europe without a deal, falling back on WTO rules.

He has enthused about post-Brexit Britain becoming the Singapore of Europe: “Singapore is a great example. It has free trade and high technology… You pay for education according to how wealthy you are. You insure yourself for health. But the maximum tax rate is 22%. Amazing.”

Dyson also warned the Government not to cut farm subsidies after Brexit. As the website WhoOwnsEngland? notes:

'Commentators have been quick to point out that Dyson himself is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the current system of farm subsidies: last year, his company, Beeswax Farming (Rainbow) Ltd, received £1.8million in payments. Over £1million of that was under the Basic Payment Scheme, which is essentially a subsidy for owning land. It comes with minimal strings attached, and the more land you own, the more you get.[1]


In 1978, frustrated at his current vacuum cleaner, Dyson began work on an improved version. After struggling to get his prototype launched in the UK he took it to Japan and began selling the 'G-Force' for $2000.[2] After returning to the UK and struggling to get any of the big companies to notice him, using the royalties from the G-Force, Dyson decided to set up his own company - Dyson Ltd in 1993.[3]



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