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JNF UK claims to be "the UK’s leading humanitarian and environmental Israel charity...[raising] funds for the building blocks of everyday life in Israel such as reservoirs, irrigation systems, desalination plants, forest planting, recycling schemes, roads, housing and healthcare centres." [1] It is the UK wing of the Jewish National Fund, one of the Israeli National Institutions, which has been described by the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe as "a colonialist agency of ethnic cleansing".[2]

JNF UK is registered as UK charity no 225910 under the name JNF Charitable Trust.[3][4]

Current UK Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down as Honorary Patron of the JNF, May 2011. A press release explained the resignation was part of a wider review of charities and organisations the PM is associated with, claiming the JNF is one of a number of charities he stepped down from.[5] Traditionally the three leaders of the main UK parties have become Honorary Patrons, however none of the three leaders currently hold this position. Pro-Palestinian solidarity groups claim the resignation was because of growing pressure for Cameron to step down.[6][7] Previous UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown remain Honorary Patrons.[8]


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