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Invicta is a lobbying firm with offices in Glasgow and Newcastle.

It boasts: ' We make the seemingly improbable become possible. Success is our benchmark.'[1]

'Unacceptable' practices

In 2013 the Scotsman reported comments made by former lobbyist, Thomas Docherty MP regarding 'unacceptable' behaviour by Invicta's Mark Cummings.

'[Thomas Docherty] claimed to receive a text message containing sectarian abuse after he opposed a planned development by one of Cummings’ clients. He said: “I am not alone in receiving intimidatory behaviour from Mr Cummings, he is well-known for bullying and becoming aggressive, particularly towards women opponents of schemes.” Highlighting further examples of 'unacceptable' practises used by Mr Cummings, the MP also claimed the lobbyist would get an employee to pose as a journalist to sound out politicians about planning applications. He also suggested that Mr Cummings placed candidates to stand for election to community councils which then have to be consulted on planning issues. Mr Cummings “strongly denies” the claims.[2]


Invicta says it provides the following services: 'purposeful political engagement, media engagement and community and stakeholder engagement.'



Invicta does not declare its clients on its website, nor is it signed up to the voluntary transparency registers operated by the lobbying industry, which would require it to make public its lobbying clients.


Glasgow: George House, 36 North Hanover Street, Glasgow, G1 2AD
Newcastle: Milburn House, Newcastle, NE1 1LE


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