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Interbrand is a leading international branding consultancy specializing in brand services and activities, including: brand strategy, corporate identity and name development.

Philosophy on brands and branding

Brands are an important influence on our lives. They are central to free markets and democratic societies. They represent free choice. They also have a profound impact on our quality of life and the way we see our world. They color our lives. They reflect the values of our societies. Global brands can even embody the spirit of many nations, if not the spirit of an age.[1]


Interbrand clients include biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies (including some who are major donors to the Bush administration ),large food companies such as Kraft Foods, petroleum companies, large banks and insurers and other large multinational corporations including IBM [2]. They also carry out non-profit work including work for Oxfam.[3]


Interbrand CEO Jez Frampton is a board member of the Fairtrade Foundation UK.

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