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The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)is a UK think tank with links to the Labour Party. It describes itself as "progressive".

The IPPR is organizing an extensive series of fringe events at the 2004 Labour Party conference, in association with the television station Channel 4 [1]


According to the IPPR website, the organisation was "founded by Lord Hollick who developed the idea for an independent progressive think tank in 1986." [2]


IPPR Trustees


In 2006, Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited MSD agreed to partner with the IPPR on a project examining what the NHS might look like after 2008[3].

The MSD website report the 'background to the project is that, whereas in 2002 the government began the process of providing significant extra resources to the NHS, come 2008 the rate of growth of this spending is certain to fall. This project will therefore put forward proposals on how a sustainable health system which commands high levels of public support may be developed after 2008'.

MSD go on to add that 'MSD has previously worked closely with the IPPR on a number of projects. This has included supporting the development of a number of independent research projects, and joining several other corporate sponsors in supporting conferences and fringe events'. However they do not give more detailed information of their involvement or of what form it took.

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