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In 2009, the Institute for Business Ethics lists their Trustees as[1]:

  • Tim Cullen. In 1999 Cullen established policy management firm Tim Cullen Associates (TCA), which he continues to serve in the role of Managing Director alongside fellow executive Senior Associate Paul Fisher who joined them from PR giant Ketchum. Prior to this Cullen served as Senior Advisor for External and United Nations Affairs at the World Bank (he joined the World Bank in 1978). His biography describes how his involvements with the World Bank ranged from 'the effort to transform the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to market economies to the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992'. He also worked in the PR offices with Ford Motor Company Ltd, was Public Affairs Counsellor for Ford Export Corporation and was International Public Affairs Administrator with Continental Bank. In 2009 he is described as being a Commissioner on the Financial Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man Government, an Associate Fellow and Director of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation at the Saïd Business School (a programme he established in 2002) and a Executive Director of the Small Countries Financial Management Centre[2]
  • Martin Le Jeune. Le Jeune is co-founder of communications firm Open Road which was declared Winner of Best New Consultancy at the Public Affairs News Awards and was nominated for New Consultancy of the Year at PRWeek Awards in 2008[3]. Le Jeune previous involvements include serving as head of Public Affairs at Sky, as board director and Head of Corporate Responsibility at Fishburn Hedges, as a civil servant in the Cabinet Office and as Head of Public Policy at NatWest[4].

Advisory Council

In 2009 IBE's Advisory Council are listed as[8]:



Institute of Business Ethics
24 Greencoat Place
London SW1P 1BE


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