Ibn Warraq

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Ibn Warraq. Source: Author's website bio

Ibn Warraq describes himself as a 'leading figure in Koranic criticism' and has written eight 'pioneering' books on Islam and Koranic criticism', including Why I am not a Muslim, (1995). [1]

He has been a senior fellow at the Westminster Institute since 2011 according to his own website.


"The organisers had assembled nearly all the writers most critical of Islam’s current manifestation in the West. The American scholars Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer were present, as were the Egyptian-Jewish exile and scholar of dhimmitude, Bat Ye’or, and the great Muslim apostate Ibn Warraq."[3]
  • In 2007 published 'a critical study of the thought of Edward Said, Defending the West. Warraq's biog touts the verdict of this study by Paul Berman, author of Terror and Liberalism, who 'described' it as 'a glorious work of scholarship, and it is going to contribute mightily to modernising the way we think about Western civilization and the rest of the world'. [1]
  • Defended 'Western values' in a public debate with Tariq Ramadan in London in 2007, and in his subsequent book, Why the West is best, (Encounter Books, NY, 2011).


Warraq’s latest books are Christmas in the Koran (2014) andSir Walter Scott’s Crusades and other fantasies (2013), which contains 'a passionate defence of Israel'.

Other titles are The Origins of the Koran, 1998, The Quest for the Historical Muhammad, 2000. What the Koran Really Says, 2002, Leaving Islam. Apostates Speak Out, 2003, Virgins? What Virgins? And Other Essays, 2010; Which Koran?, 2011, Koranic Allusions, 2013, and

His op-ed pieces have appeared in the Wall Street Journal in America and The Guardian



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