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==People ==
==People ==
[[Kieran Simpson]] | [[Jeremy Beadles]] | [[Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network]] |
[[Kieran Simpson]] | [[Jeremy Beadles]] | [[Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network]] |

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Corporate crimes


In April 2007 Heineken were, along with Grolsch, InBev and Bavaria, found to be part of a price fixing cartel in Holland. All companies involved were fined £150 million by the European Commission, with the exception of InBev. At the time InBev was trading as Interbrew and managed to avoid the fine because the Commission felt that the firm had cooperated with the investigation, therefore, under the Commission's leniency programme such cooperation can lead to a reduced penalty or as in this case, none at all. In 2001 InBev and Danone (then owners of Kronenbourg) had been fined for operating another cartel in Belgium. [1].


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