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Click on a peg to see a brief summary of individual health companies, lobbying firms or health lobby groups.
Click on the + (top right) inside each entry to continue reading the Powerbase profile inside the map, or on the balloon title to jump to the profile.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.508636" lon="-0.10334" type="map" zoom="13">

51.506398, -0.12696, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry is the UK pharmaceutical industry's main industry body and lobby group. Members include seventy five companies in the UK producing prescription medicines, supplying more than 90 per cent of the medicines prescribed through the National Health Service.

51.497148, -0.145375, International Federation of Health Plans

International Federation of Health Plans is a global network of one hundred private health insurance companies in 31 countries

51.516424, -0.129837, Independent Healthcare Advisory Services

Independent Healthcare Advisory Services is an influential lobby group representing private healthcare companies in the UK. Members include hospital groups, cosmetic treatment providers and staffing agencies.

51.497182, -0.143081, NHS Partners Network

The NHS Partners Network, part of the NHS Confederation is a lobby group representing the interests of private healthcare providers to the NHS.

51.495217, -0.138663, 2020health

2020health is a Westminster based centre right think tank for health and social care, set up in 2006.

51.495886, -0.128381, Civitas health unit

The Civitas health unit, part of the right-wing think tank Civitas, was set up to 'facilitate informed and impartial debate among key stakeholders, patients, and the grassroots of the medical profession, in order to help build consensus on the future of health care in the UK.

51.49678, -0.128966, Doctors for Reform

Doctors for Reform is a lobby group supported by the free market think-tank, Reform, which believes in liberalising the public sector.

51.500437, -0.129955, Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange is a think tank close to Conservative leader David Cameron. On healthcare reform it believes in competition between different providers and for a greater role in private sector companies delivering NHS services.

51.497937, -0.129351, Adam Smith Institute

Think tank, the Adam Smith Institute, is a fierce critic of the NHS. It argues for a shift in healthcare spending away from tax and more to the individual, as well as for a bigger role for private for-profit healthcare providers.

51.497054, -0.134905, Westminster Advisers

Lobbying firm Westminster Advisers counts as a client the lobby group H5, which represents the five largest private hospital groups in the UK.

51.518925, -0.111382, Weber Shandwick

Lobbying Agency Weber Shandwick conducts lobbying and PR for a number of healthcare clients including the Association of British Healthcare Industries and outsourcing giant Serco.

51.511392, -0.136265, Cicero Consulting

Finance sector lobbying agency Cicero Consulting counts health insurer AXA-PPP Healthcare as a lobbying client.

51.509072, -0.071885, College Hill

Lobbying Agency College Hill counts private hospital group, General Healthcare Group as a client.

51.512938, -0.124399, Fleishman Hillard

Lobbying Agency Fleishman Hillard lobbies for a number of healthcare clients including Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, American Pharmaceutical Group, Aviva Health UK, [[Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and Serco.

51.518208, -0.141719, MHP Communications

Lobbying agency MHP Communications has a growing healthcare business and health sector clients include pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Bayer Schering Pharma and Roche.

51.512928, -0.143005, Humana

US owned commissioning services firm Humana is poised to cash in on proposed government changes, which will see commissioning handed over to GPs.

51.510378, -0.085104, Aetna

American health insurance company and commissioning firm looking to benefit from the move to GP-commissioning

51.5169, -0.135829, Tribal Group

The healthcare arm of consulting firm Tribal Group sees a major opportunity in providing infrastructure for new general practice (GP) consortiums.

51.497582, -0.134192, Capita

Outsourcing group, Capita, has a sizeable health business. Its CEP, Paul Pindar ranks 75th in the Health Service Journal's top 100 most influential people in health 2010.

51.519707, -0.180782, UnitedHealth

US owned commissioning services firm UnitedHealth is poised to cash in on proposed government changes, which will see commissioning handed over to GPs.

51.518199, -0.149073, Circle

First private hospital group in the UK to take over the running of an NHS hospital. Part-owned by employees, it is popular with Conservatives who see this development as "mutualisation not privatisation".

51.521368, -0.163837, HCA International

HCA International is a private hospital group operating in the UK and owned by HCA Inc., a US private hospital giant with a turnover of $26 billion.

51.499084, -0.113369, Association of British Healthcare Industries

ABHI is the industry association for the medical technology sector in the UK which lobbies for NHS spending and support for its members' products.

51.514242, -0.081583, Aviva

The UK's third-largest private medical insurer

51.51451, -0.085319, Axa UK

AXA PPP healthcare is one of the largest private medical insurance providers in the UK.

51.516131, -0.085482, Care UK

Care UK is a private health and social care firm

51.517704, -0.123266, Bupa

Bupa is an international healthcare company specialising in health insurance.

(A) 51.499831, -0.124726, Parliament (B) 51.502486, -0.125318, Department of Health (C) 51.492605, -0.125428, Conservative Party headquarters (D) 51.497312, -0.127374, Liberal Democrat headquarters


(A) Parliament
(B) Department of Health
(C) Conservative Party headquarters
(D) Liberal Democrat headquarters