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Globalisation: Atlantic Partnership

To Politics

The Atlantic Partnership has a clear link to politics; the organisation was founded by a political leader; Michael Howard of the Conservative Party. The organizations main method of communication and negotiation is through social events like breakfast meetings, past guest speakers from both sides of the Atlantic show the correlation between the Atlantic Partnership and politics. Speakers from America include, NATO representative General Clark, United Nations Ambassador Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, Senator John McCain, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Colin L Powell, former United States Secretary of State, and United Nations affiliate Alejandro Wolff. NATO and the UN are very important and powerful political bodies who are represented and take an active role in the work of the Atlantic Partnership. Guest speakers from Europe have included former British Prime Ministers, Gordon Brown, John Major and current Prime Minister David Cameron (who spoke while he was leader of the HM Opposition), [1] former French Prime Minister Alain Juppé and Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. These speakers are clearly of very high status in politics and have been in control of transatlantic policies and negotiations before their affiliation with the Atlantic Partnership, clearly displaying the success of the group which has allowed overseas political connections to develop. [2]

The most predominant governments involved are the United States of America and The United Kingdom, both have varying policies but the Atlantic partnership strives to create connection. The War on Terror initiated by the US government drew the support from other countries especially Britain, which achieved an Atlantic partnership goal of creating strong connections with wide support. Although Britain and America are the main actor’s involved there are politicians from all over Europe including; France, Germany, Spain and Italy to name a few. [3] The organization strives to attain political support, but not necessarily in the form of politicians and political actors. Other organizations play a huge role in the forging of political connections, most notably; NATO who have engaged in correspondence through the active involvement of people such as, Former Secretary General (involved till 2004) Lord Robertson of Port Ellen and General Wesley Clark. [4]

Two major political factors that the Atlantic Partnership strives to create connections to trade and defence. Decisions about these factors can have transatlantic and global effects; for example Americas choice to go to war with Iraq effected other countries and caused for different countries troops and weapons to be implemented in their fight; however this does accommodate the Atlantic partnerships goal to share values and, “ensure the continents do not drift apart and become weaker as lone entities. [5] Trade - of course - is a worldwide issue, and therefore connections to it and its impacts are of great importance. [6] [7]

Several ‘Partners’ are detailed in the Atlantic Partnership website these partners support the political goals and are strongly affiliated with the organisation. The Centre for Transatlantic Relations is a research group that brings together government officials and politicians with many other fields, allowing challenges between Europe and North America to engage in relations and strengthens ties. [8] [9] -Another partner is The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) an institution promoting coherence and cooperation between Europe and North America. It encourages discussion of transatlantic policies and important debates. [10] [11]

Political individuals involved with the Atlantic Partnership have been involved in major elections; John McCain for example ran for Presidency in America's 2008 Presidential election. [12] Other individuals have very prestigious and high status positions in politics; Vice Chairman The Honorable James Rubin is an economic and political adviser to President Barack Obama. [13]. Patrons, Colin L Powell served as a key aide to the Secretary of Defense and as National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan [14]. Patron John Gilbert is heavily realted to transatlantic issues and politics as he was previously the Labour Defence Minister, and is also a staunch NATO supporter and Vice Chairman of the Trade Union Committee for European and Transatlantic Organisation. .[15]

To Industry

The Atlantic Partnership has many direct connections to industry which are made possible through its members, who are often involved at the highest level within their respective companies. The industries the organisation is connected with range from media companies, to oil giants and weapons manufacturers. This means that through its connections with these industries, Atlantic Partnership’s members have influential positions over companies in some of the world’s major industries. Below are some of the companies and organisations that Atlantic Partnership is associated with through its various members.

America Abroad Online (AAM) – This organisation is listed on the Atlantic Partnership’s website as being one of its partners, offering support.[16] AAM was founded in 2002 by Aaron Lobel with the aim of “harnessing the power of the media to inform America and the world about the critical international issues of our time”.[17] Since its creation AAM now boasts a global audience of between 70 – 100 million.[18]

The organisation carries out its mission through three main initiatives: Radio broadcasts, which air in 145 countries; Television, which enables millions to hear and debate US perspectives on critical issues; and through Educational outreach, which aims to enhance the teaching and understanding of international affairs in college and university classrooms. The organisation shares members with the Atlantic Partnership. Ambassador Richard Burt is a chairman and trustee of the Atlantic Partnership; who is also listed on the Board of Advisors of AAM. Similarly General Brent Scowcroft, who is also a trustee of the Atlantic Partnership, is also a member of the AAM Advisory Board.[19] [20]

Diligence LLC – This is a Business intelligence firm that helps its clients confront difficult business challenges. Their website states that, “Diligence, through research and analysis, strives to provide every client with the ‘information edge’ required for success in an era of unprecedented global competition and risk”.[21] Since its creation in 2000 by former members of the UK and US intelligence services, the company has grown into a global firm which now has projects across the globe.[22]

The company is connected to the Atlantic Partnership through its advisory board which is chaired by The Right Honorable Michael Howard who is the founding chairman of Atlantic Partnership. Similarly, Lord Powell of Bayswater and Ambassador Richard Burt both hold positions as chairmen in the Atlantic Partnership, and both serve on the advisory board to Diligence LLC.[23] [24]

Lockheed Martin UK Ltd (LMUK) – Lockheed Martin UK Ltd was created in 1991 in order to combine all of Lockheed Martin’s United Kingdom defence, civil and commercial business interests under a single UK-registered company.[25] Their aim, as stated on their website, is to “be recognised as the leading UK Systems Integrator and supplier of High Technology Systems and Services to Defence and Civil Government Customers”.[26] The company has many different business areas, such as Aeronautics, Electronic Systems, Information Systems and Global Solutions, and Space Systems.[27] It has also been one of the major suppliers of military hardware to British and American forces in Iraq.

The company is connected to the Atlantic Partnership through Sir David Manning, who is one of its trustees.[28] In 2008 Manning was appointed as a non-executive director within Lockheed Martin UK.[29] This appointment was considered to be controversial by some as Manning was directly involved in the build up to the invasion of Iraq – from which Lockheed Martin made millions supplying hardware – through his work as an aide to Prime Minister Tony Blair. This has led some to believe that his appointment was, in some way, related to this. Norman Baker the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes said, when talking about this appointment that, “Here’s another example of unsavoury revolving doors.”[30]

Advisory and Consultancy Firms – The Atlantic Partnership organisation is also connected with a variety of consultancy and advisory firms which are founded and owned by some of its members. These firms include: Dramla SA – founded by Atlantic Partnership trustee Meg Allen;[31] L. M. Tilman and Co – founded by Friend of the Atlantic Partnership Leo Tilman;[32] Kissisnger Associates, Inc – founded by patron of the Atlantic Partnership Henry Kissinger;[33] McLarty Associates – in which Atlantic Partnership Chairman Richard Burt serves as a managing director;[34] Sage Advisors – Chaired by Friend of the Atlantic Partnership John R. Drexel IV;[35] and The Scowcroft Group – founded by General Brent Scowcroft.[36]

These firms are involved with brokering deals with companies on both sides of the Atlantic and elsewhere in the world.


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