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The Atlantic Partnership is a bipartisan organisation, striving to create strong networks between elites at either side of the Atlantic. Through Atlanticism it strives to develop relationships between politics and industry creating a powerful transatlantic relationship. Its main force has derived from pro United States forces in Great Britain, including those linked to other political bodies like NATO and other Atlanticist groups. The Atlantic Partnership attempts to achieve these relationships through its members regularly writing articles and speaking on behalf of the organisation to ensure its momentum continues and allows for a stronger transatlantic rapport.


Over the years the Atlantic Partnership has sought to foster relationships on both sides of the Atlantic. This has been done through the bringing together of world leaders, Business leaders, and high ranking military officials. As we have seen these people are brought together at various business activities, which are held with the aim of giving major figures the chance to deliver their views to an invited audience. In addition to this the group has published many documents which have strong relations to what the Atlantic Partnership stands for.

Through its members the organisation has a great number of links to the world of politics and industry. These connections include links to political organisations such as NATO, United Nations and the European Union. In addition to this, the company has links to major defence contractors and suppliers such as Lockheed Martin UK Ltd; and also to many consultancy firms, which all have the aim of brokering deals and partnerships globally.

A recurrent theme in the organisation is Atlanticism. This is evident through its activities which are aimed at bringing together Europe and the United States. Many of the companies affiliated with the organisation also share this Atlanticist view.


Atlantic Partnership Website [1]

Contact Atlantic Partnership

In the United States:

Anne L.H. Gantén Executive Director, Atlantic Partnership Address:

Atlantic Partnership 1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Suite 525 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 663.7779

In Europe:

Address: Atlantic Partnership Vanessa Arkell Director, UK


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