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Global Uncertainties Schools Network a project of Debating Matters which is in turn part of the Institute of Ideas a core element of the LM network

Global Uncertainties Schools Network is part of the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. It is a project of Debating Matters, an extension of the Institute of Ideas. The project is funded by Research Councils UK as part of the wider Global Uncertainties programme and and commenced in 2010. [1] Global Uncertainties as a whole is intended as a 'response to global security challenges' and is intended to run between 2008 and 2018. Its total budget is £105m for the first three years. [2]

The GUSN ran six events in schools in March and April 2010.

The Global Uncertainties logo carries the motto, "Security for all in a changing world".[3]

Global Uncertainties Schools Network lists its "core research areas" as terrorism, cybersecurity, and ideologies and beliefs.[4]

This is what the Research Councils UK website says about the Global Uncertainties programme:[5]

Trans-national global crime such as drugs, people smuggling, money laundering and cyber crime, is increasing in sophistication and scale as criminals exploit today’s open and globalised world. Terrorism in pursuit of particular aims is increasing across the globe as many disparate groups see violence as a means to achieve their aims. Environmental stresses will continue to interact with human vulnerabilities to provide a powerful basis for insecurity in many parts of the world. Systemic research is needed to capture the direct and indirect contributions to global security arising from the continuing experience of extreme poverty - the world's poorest people are often those most vulnerable to harm from security threats.
All seven Research Councils will work together to address five inter-related global threats to security - Poverty (and Inequality & Injustice), Conflict, Transnational Crime, Environmental Stress and Terrorism, each linked in a systematic way to address three themes - Understand, Predict/Detect and Act. Research will be pursued that seeks to understand how crime, terror, environmental stress, and poverty create vicious circles through positive feedback. A particular challenge is to move debates away from a narrow definition of national interests to one in which national interests are best served by mutual attention to causes, detection, and prevention in the international domain.


Website: Debating Matters Global Uncertainties
Facebook: Debating Matters Global Uncertainties


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