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Former Reagan administration member and one time US presidential candidate Gary Bauer is a Christian Zionist who serves on the executive board of Christians United for Israel headed by John Hagee. Most recently Bauer has joined with other neoconservatives like Bill Kristol to form the Emergency Committee for Israel.

Bauer has called the Obama Administration the "Most Anti-Israel Administration in U.S. History."[1]. An enthusiastic advocate of Israeli policy, Bauer strongly supports Israel's building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land and calls for people to boycott newspapers that refer to the settlements as settlements.[1]


In 1996 Bauer launched the well-funded, right-wing political action committee, "the Campaign for Working Families", to provide "direct financial support to conservative candidates," lobby for favored bills to be passed in congress and to "raise funds to support or oppose candidates based upon their political views"[2] Bauer was active with right-wing Christian value lobbying during the Reagan administration in the 1980s-90s and launched the Family Research Council during this time.[3] Bauer has spoken at an AIPAC convention upholding the beliefs of the Christian Right and affirming his belief that Israel is the promised land of the Jews[4] and personally endorses Honest Reporting, a pro-Israel media lobbying group[5]. In his biography on the CWF website Bauer is described as:

A staunch supporter of President Bush’s war on terrorism, Bauer is also a leading Christian advocate for a strong and secure Israel. Since the atrocities of September 11th, Bauer has devoted considerable time and energy to strengthening the shared values of the Israeli/American alliance.[3]



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