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FrackNation is a feature documentary created by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, which claims to address what the filmmakers say is misinformation about the process of hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking.


McAleer and McElhinney say they are independent journalists working independently of corporate funding.

The San Francisco Chronicle describes McAleer as 'climate denial's Michael Moore'. The climate change-denying Heartland Institute lists both McAleer and McElhinney as 'experts'. [1]

Their past films include Not Evil Just Wrong, which challenges Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth by suggesting that the evidence of global warming is inconclusive and that the impact global-warming legislation will have on industry is much more harmful to humans than beneficial.

Another film, Mine Your Own Business(2006), focusing on protests against a proposed large-scale open-pit goldmine project in Romania, was billed as 'the world's first anti-environmentalist documentary'. Gabriel Resources the Canadian mining company behind the project, partly financed the filmakers, who also travelled to Madagascar and Chile, where international environmental groups oppose planned mining operations. The New York Times reported that the film 'portrays environmentalists as condescending elitists while impoverished locals insist they would welcome the jobs and development the mines would bring'. [2]






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