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Acanchi Profile:

Our people include... Fiona Gilmore – Chairman and Founder
Fiona’s career spans nearly 30 years during which time she has advised on brand positioning, communications strategy, innovation, corporate identity and internal communications for companies, countries, cities and regions. Fiona has advised a broad range of corporate clients including, Vodafone, Unilever, Lloyd’s, Giorgio Armani and Saudi Telecom. She has given counsel to Governments, Public Sector, Private Sector and NGOs for Bahrain, the Isle of Man, the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Wales, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Britain, Hong Kong, Zambia and the Blue Mountains of Australia.
After several years at an advertising agency, Fiona moved to Michael Peters and Partners where she became Managing Director. She then co-founded Brand and Design Consultancy Springpoint, which under her leadership developed into an international consultancy, with offices in three countries. In 2001, Springpoint was acquired by the international group IPG and in 2003 Fiona left the group and founded Acanchi.
Fiona is the author of three books, Brand Warriors, Warriors on the High Wire and Brand Warriors China and several journal articles. Fiona is a Board Member of the United Learning Trust and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.