Fernando Reinares

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Fernando Reinares

Fernando Reinares is a terrorologist.

Professor and Chair in Political Science and Security Studies at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (King Juan Carlos University) in Madrid. He also teaches postgraduate courses at General Gutiérrez Mellado University Institute and Ortega y Gasset University Institute.
Member of the Council on Global Terrorism established by the Atlantic Monthly Foundation and of the academic committee of the Queen Sofía Center for the Study of Violence. Advisor to the Center for Global Counter Terrorism Co-operation, he belongs to the United Nations roster of experts on terrorism prevention and the terrorism studies programme board at the University of St Andrews. Is Academic Director of the Permanent Seminar on Terrorism Studies at Ortega y Gasset Foundation. Between 2004 and 2006 he served as Senior Adviser on Antiterrorist Policy to the Minister of Interior, Government of Spain. Chairman of the European Commission expert group on violent radicalization.
Contributing Editor of Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, also belongs to the editorial boards of Terrorism and Political Violence, Democracy and Security, Cultures et Conflits and Sécurité Globale.
Author of a large number of articles and chapters on terrorism and counterterrorism, which appeared in six languages, his recent books include Terrorismo y Antiterrorismo [Terrorism and Antiterrorism] (Barcelona: Ediciones Paidós, 1998); European Democracies Against Terrorism. Governmental Policies and Intergovernmental Cooperation (Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2000); the Spanish best-seller Patriotas de la Muerte. Quiénes han militado en ETA y por qué [Patriots of Death. Who Joined ETA and Why] (Madrid: Taurus, 2001); Terrorismo Global [Global Terrorism] (Madrid: Taurus, 2003); El Nuevo Terrorismo Islamista. Del 11-S al 11-M [The New Islamist Terrorism. From 9/11 to 3/11] (Madrid: Temas de Hoy, 2004); and Terrorismus Global (Aktionsfeld Europa, Hamburg: Europäische Verlagsanstalt, 2005). Also co-author de State of the Struggle. Report on the Battle against Global Terrorism (Maryland: Brookings Institution Press, 2006).[1]



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