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*[http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/51a/106.html Palestine: The deadly peace] Comment, ''Living Marxism'', 3 October 1996
*[http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/51a/106.html Palestine: The deadly peace] Comment, ''Living Marxism'', 3 October 1996
==See also==
==See also==
*[[James Heartfield]] (husband) | [[Pandora Kay-Kreizman]] (sister)
*[[James Heartfield]] (husband) | [[Manjit Kumar]] (brother-in-law)
:Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/eve.kay2 Eve Key]
:Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/eve.kay2 Eve Key]

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LM network resources

Eve Kay-Kreizman (also known as Eve Kay and as Eve Anderson and often called Eve Kaye, perhaps in error) is a television producer with Films of Record, a production company owned by Bob Geldof's Ten Alps PLC.[1] She has had an association with the LM network, through involvement with the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Irish Freedom Movement as well as in producing the 1997 series Against Nature which showcased LM network criticisms of the environmental movement.

According to a biographical note she 'has more than 15 years experience in factual entertainment. She began her career as a researcher and assistant producer for the BBC and Channel 4.'[2]

Eve was at RDF Media for eight years, and in this time she developed the format for hit series Scrapheap Challenge, produced three series of desert island reality show Shipwrecked on location in Fiji, and edited property-reality series The Block. Eve then series produced a number of shows for Shine and Diverse Productions, as well as Jamie’s Ministry of Food for Fresh One Productions. She joined Films of Record in 2009 as Executive Producer, where she is responsible for developing the company’s popular factual entertainment output.[3]

Against Nature

In 1997 she was involved (along with Martin Durkin) in the production of Against Nature, a 1997 documentary series on Channel 4 in the UK that was critical of the environmental movement. The programme featured significant numbers of interviews with members of the LM group.


As with many of those involved in the RCP/LM group Kay-Kreizman has used a variety of pseudonyms.

Writing under the name of 'Kay' in 2007 Kay-Kreizman stated that 'despite getting married in 1994, I've had the same surname all my life.'[4]


As Eve Anderson

  • Illusory Peace By Eve Anderson Living Marxism 10/1993.
  • Israel's new Berlin Wall By Eve Anderson Living Marxism 04/1995
  • 'Hero or demon?' Review of Tim Pat Coogan, Michael Collins: A Biography, Hutchinson, Irish Freedom, February/March 1991, No. 13, p. 19-20

As Eve Kay

See also


Facebook: Eve Key
Profile: Biography Eve Kay
Website: Eve Kay


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