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Eran Shayshon is a national security analyst for the Reut Institute an Israeli think tank known for arguing that 'delegitimization' is a key political threat to the country and should be vigourously countered.[1]

He heads the organisation's national security team which according to the Reut website "is primarily focused on the assault on Israel's right to exist and the Israeli-Palestinian arena".[2]

He has authored articles published in Israeli media and internationally on what he terms "the delegitimization challenge" and how to fight it.[3]

Shayshon has written:

"Standing together, however, does not mean uniformity; it means unity. Our biggest asset in this struggle could be the diversity of the Jewish people. Many within our communities disapprove of the Israeli gov-ernment's actions and policies yet clearly have an unequivocal position against the delegitimization of Israel. In fact, paradoxically, the more critical an organization is of Israeli policies, the more effective its voice could be against delegitimization. Therefore, we need to have a broader "Jewish tent," which includes all those who are willing to stand against delegitimization, in order to drive a wedge between the extremists and those who have legitimate criticism of Israeli policies."[4]



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