Ephraim Lavie

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Dr Ephraim Lavie is the Director of the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University.[1]

Military Intelligence

Lavie served in Israeli military intelligence (Aman) as head of the research division's Palestinian desk. The head of Aman at the time, Amos Malka, believed Yasser Arafat was ready to reach a peace agreement, while Lavie's immediate superior, Amos Gilad, argued that the Palestinian leader was not serious about a deal. Lavie supported Malka's view:

Lavie said the research division's official written assessments contained "no intelligence foundation for the concept prevalent today." He claimed that in reporting orally to his superiors (and in public statements), Gilad diverges from the assessment provided by the professional echelon subordinate to him.[2]


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