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Ellie Wolfson (née Shawcross) is the current economic adviser to the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.[1][2]


She is the daughter of historian William Shawcross. She was educated at St Paul's School for Girls and University College, Oxford.[3]

According to the Evening Standard, Shawcross "So impressed columnist Danny Finkelstein after a talk he gave at her school that he introduced her to Osborne in 2007 when she was working at Boston Consulting Group.[3]

Joshua Neicho goes on to describe her as 'formidably well-connected':

both George Osborne and former Cabinet Secretary Robin Butler attended her 25th birthday at Brown's. Neocon author Douglas Murray is an old friend.[3]

While working as a management consultant with Boston Consulting, Shawcross was seconded to work for Boris Johnson during his 2008 mayoral election campaign, holding responsibility for writing large parts of his manifesto.[4][5]

Later in 2008, she was appointed an advisor to then Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.[5]

Her particular interest is in financial services and business growth: in opposition, she worked with Lord Sassoon (now a Treasury minister) to develop financial services policy and to cost Conservative policy options. [6]

Shawcross married Simon Wolfson in June 2012.[7] She met Wolfson while he was working on Conservative economic policies with George Osborne.[8]

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