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El Ingles (El Inglés) is the pseudonym of a counterjihad blogger who has written numerous articles for the website Gates of Vienna.[1]

According to the group Hope Not Hate, he is British and likely a close friend of former English Defence League (EDL) funder and strategist Alan Ayling and may be 'the mysterious Scotsman' who attended a meeting with Ayling, Stephen Lennon and Paul Ray at which the EDL was founded in 2009.[2]

Predictions/incitement of civil war

The theme of civil war, resulting from the incompatibility of Islam and "Western" values/civilisation is common in counterjihad discourse. El Ingles has written a fictional account of a civil war, culminating in a Balkan-style Muslim genocide. This tract, entitled 'The Danish Civil War' was published by Gates of Vienna in November 2007 and has been said to play the same role for the counterjihad movement that The Turner Diaries novel played for neo-Nazis and the film Red Dawn played for anti-communists in the 1980s.[2]

Hope Not Hate has pointed out that El Ingles' articles sometimes appear to actually incite violence and, alarmingly, one if his articles - ‘Our Muslim Troubles – Lessons from Northern Ireland’ - contains a section called 'an introduction to Amateur Bomb-Building'.[2]


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