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The Educational Research Trust is a right wing British charity based in Harrow and founded in 1985 and run by John Marks, Caroline Cox and other hard right operatives.

Charitable Objects

The Trust's main charitable objects as listed on documents lodged with the Charities Commission are:

  • To promote the advancement of knowledge in the field of education in all its branches
  • To promote and undertake research into education or educational standards of any kind (but with particular reference to the philosophical and religious principles of involved in education)
  • To publish and dissemeinate the useful results of any research undertaken as aforesaid.[1]

Trustees and Directors

The charity's trustees are Mrs Jessica Douglas-Home, Professor Roger Scruton, and Mr L. Norcross. The organisation's directors are Dr John Marks, a former Professor of the private University of Buckingham[2] and Baroness Cox. They are both also directors of the Centre for Social Cohesion.[3][4][5]


According to Accounts filed at the Charity commission the Trust received funding from the Nigel Vinson Charitable Trust as follows:

  • 2004 £0
  • 2005 £0 [6]
  • 2006 £4,000 [7]
  • 2007 £13,000
  • 2008 £0[8]
  • 2009 £0 [9]

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