Democracy and Security International Conference

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Democracy & Security International Conference was held in Prague right before the G8 2007 conference. Attendees included George Bush and a who's who of the neocon regime-change industry.



The Prague Security Studies Institute Pohořelec 6, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Brandeis University USA Toshio Masuda President Masuda US Research Center, LLC USA Margarita Mathiopoulos Chief Executive Officer EAG European AdvisoryGroup GMBH Germany

President The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies USA Aliaksandr Milinkevich President Political Council of Democratic Forces of Belarus Belarus Jorge Moragas Sanchez Secretary of International Relations Partido Popular Spain Karinna Moskalenko Defense Attorney Russia Cameron Munter Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of the United States of America Czech Rep. Joshua Muravchik Resident Scholar American Enterprise Institute USA Rami Nasrallah Head of Board of Directors International Peace and Cooperation Center East Jerusalam Fiamma Nirenstein Journalist and Historian Il Giornale Italy Michael Novak Scholar American Enterprise Institute USA Jan Novák Head of the Office of the Government Government of the Czech Republic Czech Rep. John O’Sulivan Senior Fellow Hudson Institute USA Reza Pahlavi Opposition Leader to Clerical Regime of Iran USA Zbyněk Pavlačík Director Jagello 2000 Czech Rep. Antonio Pedauyé Ambasador of Spain to the Czech Republic Embassy of Spain Czech Rep. Jiří Pehe Resident Director New York University in Prague Czech Rep. Richard Perle Resident Fellow American Enterprise Institute USA Ross Perrone Ronald Lauder Foundation USA Walid Phares Senior Fellow Foundation for the Defense of Democracies USA Marc F. Plattner Editor, Journal of Democracy National Endowment for Democracy USA Tomáš Pojar Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Czech Rep. Daniel Polisar President The Shalem Center Israel Roman Polonsky Project’s Director of the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Shalem Center Israel Tomasz Pompowski Foreign and Opinions Editor Polskapresse Poland Andrei Popov Executive Director Foreign Policy Association of Moldova Moldova Shay Porat Vice President for External Affairs The Shalem Center Israel Harold Rhode Office Assesment US Defense Department USA Roger W. Robinson, Jr. Co-Founder Prague Security Studies Institute USA Berel Rodal Vice Chairman Interntional Center on Nonviolent Conflict USA Nina Rosenwald Principal American Securities USA Allen Roth Policy Forum USA Michael Rubin Resident Scholar American Enterprise Institute USA Rafael Rubio President Association for the Transition of Cuba Spain Ivo Samson Head of Security Policy Program Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association Slovakia Andor Šándor Fmr. Head of Czech Military Intelligence Czech Rep. Mohsen Sazegara Visiting Researcher Harvard Law School USA Christian Schmidt Parliamentary State Secretary Federal Ministry of Defence Germany


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