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Dr. Daniel Vasella is a Medical Doctor and currently chairman and CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Novartis. He has hold the position of chairman since 1999 and has been CEO of Novartis since 1996. That makes him the first Novartis CEO since the company was created through the merger of Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy. Before the merger he was CEO of Sandoz Pharma Ltd. [1]

He suffered a breakdown in his thirties and consulted psychotherapy after which he gave up his profession as MD and head of a hospital and became a travelling salesman for Sandoz in New Jersey. He rose in the company and finally played an important role in the merger. His considerably younger wife is the niece of a former Sandoz chairman which led to accusations of nepotism. [2]

"Last year, he was named "the most influential European business leader of the last 25 years" in a poll of Financial Times readers. [...] Dr Vasella's success has brought him considerable personal wealth. In 2003, his basic salary of $ 2.2m was part of a $14.4m pay package which made him one of the best paid bosses in Europe." [3]


Dr. Vasella holds a number of positions:

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