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The Combating Terrorism Center is a centre at the US West Point Military Academy focusing on terrorism, counterterrorism, homeland security, and weapons of mass destruction. The Center was officially launched in February 2003 within the Department of Social Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy. According to its website it was funded by Vincent Viola, Chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange and "a 1977 graduate of West Point"[1]



GEN (r) John P. Abizaid - Distinguished Chair | LTC Joseph Felter - CTC Director | MAJ Scott Taylor - Executive Officer | Dr. Jarret Brachman - Director of Research | Dr. James Forest - Director of Terrorism Studies | Dr. Assaf Moghadam - Instructor and Research Associate | Mr. Bill Braniff - FBI Program Manager | Mr. Brian Fishman - Instructor and Senior Associate | Ms. Heidi Weber -FBI Operations Officer | Ms. Treshelle Griffith - Office Automations Assistant | Ms. Irina Garrido de Stanton - Office Administrator

Senior Fellows

Bruce Hoffman | David Franz | AMB Michael Sheehan

FBI Fellows

Dr. William McCants | Mr. Sammy Salama | Mr. Dan Coleman | Mr. Bob Fromme | Dr. Rebecca Molloy | Mr. Chris Heffelfinger

Department of Social Sciences

COL Michael J. Meese - Department Head | COL Cindy R. Jebb - Deputy Department Head

CTC Associates

LTC Isaiah Wilson | MAJ Paul Stanton | MAJ Fernando Lujan | Dr. Ruth Beitler | Dr. Matthew Levitt | Mr. Guy Filipelli | Dr. Frederick Moxley | MAJ Lorenzo Rios

Harmony Fellows

Mr. Vahid Brown | Mr. Jacob N. Shapiro | Mr. Warren Polensky


Major Jeff Bramlett was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and an Associate of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point from 2004-2007. He is a career Infantry Officer and is currently stationed at Fort Leavenworth attending ILE at Fort Leavenworth, KS. | Colonel Joseph Felter was the CTC Director and an instructor in the USMA terrorism studies program from 2005-2008. Prior to coming to the CTC, LTC Felter was a Special Forces and Foreign Area Officer. | Mr. Brian Fishman was the Director of Research at the CTC. | Mr. Kelly Hicks | Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Hornbarger is currently serving as a Policy & Plans Officer in Iraq. While at the CTC, LTC Hornbarger focused his research on U.S. Homeland Security policy and planning. | Brigadier General (retired) Russell Howard is the Founding Director of the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at The Fletcher School. Prior to assuming his current responsibilities, General Howard was the Head of the Department of Social Sciences and the Founding Director and Senior Fellow of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. | Lianne Kennedy-Boudali was an instructor in the Department of Social Sciences and an Associate at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point from 2005-2007. She now works at RAND Corporation in Washington D.C. | Colonel Kip McCormick is currently serving as the Defense and Army Attache at the US Embassy in Seoul, Korea. He was formerly the director of USMA's Combating Terrorism Center and an instructor in USMA's terrorism studies program. | Major Joanne Moore was the first Director of the CTC. | Mr. Bill Perkins is a former Army Officer and Operations Officer at the CTC. He is currently completing his Masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University. | Major Scott Taylor is a former Deputy Director at the CTC. | Ms. Thalia Tzanetti | Mr. Stephen Ulph | Major Jim Walker is currently a Military Police Battalion Operations Officer in Afghanistan. While at the CTC, MAJ Walker focused his research on terrorism financing. | Major Rick Wrona was an International Relations Instructor in the Department of Social Sciences from 2004-2007 and an Associate of the Combating Terrorism Center where his research focused on Hezbollah. Rick served in various Airborne Infantry leadership positions before teaching at West Point and now serves as a Strategist at EUCOM in Stuttgart, Germany.[2]


Public Funders 2003-14

Private funders 2003-14

WPAOG Contributions earmarked for CTC


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