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Cicero Consulting

APPC Register Entry for 1 June 2009 to 31 August 2009


in the UK

1 – 2 Lower James Street
Name: Iain Anderson
Tel: 020 7665 9530
Fax: 020 7665 9538
Email: iain.anderson@cicero-europe.com
Website: http://www.cicero-europe.com

Offices outside UK



(employed and sub-contracted) providing PA consultancy services this quarter

Fee-Paying clients

(for whom UK PA consultancy services provided this quarter)

Fee-Paying Clients

(for whom only UK monitoring services provided this quarter)

Pro-Bono Clients

(for whom consultancy and/or monitoring services have been provided this quarter)

Financial Services Global Competitiveness Group (co chaired by Sir Win Bischoff and HM Treasury)