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Christopher Herbert was an MI5 officer.

Herbert was educated at Trinity College Dublin, where he earned a first class degree in experimental science.[1] He joined the Indian Civil Service in 1936, and MI5 in 1950.[1]

In 1955, he became a security intelligence at the Colonial Office.[1]

He served as Security Liaison Officer in Singapore in the early 1960s, took over the responsibilities of Security Intelligence Far East when it was abolished in 1962.[1] In 1962, according to Christopher Andrew, Roger Hollis showed the Home Secretary a letter from Lee Kuan Yew expressing gratitude for Herbert's work.[2] Calder Walton places a similar letter in the mid-1960s.[1]

In 1968, he was head of A1 section of A Branch, responsible for technical operations, in which capacity his staff included an expert locksmith and 'burglar'.[3]

K Branch

From 1970, he was responsible for soviet investigations within K Branch as head of KY, overseeing the recruitment of Oleg Lyalin by agent runners Harry Wharton and Tony Brooks.[4] Writing of this operation, Peter Wright described him as 'a calm dependable officer.'[5]

David Leigh states that he then became Director and Co-ordinator of Intelligence in Northern Ireland.[4] However, the chronology may in fact be the reverse, with Herbert serving as Director of Intelligence at HQNI before moving to K Branch in 1970. The confusion may owe something to what Leigh identifies as Peter Wright's faulty chronology of the Lyalin case.[6]


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