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Christine Williams is a Canadian journalist and public relations consultant.

She is currently working on a book project exploring Islamic Reform, commissioned by the Middle East Forum Education Fund. [1]

Biography a nine-time International Award-winning Journalist and Television Producer. As a current columnist, [among where] her writings have appeared: Jewish Press Online, Breaking Israel News, the Middle East Quarterly, USA Today Online, Wall Street online, Front Page Magazine, Jihad Watch, and the Hudson Institute. She also writes for the Gatestone International Policy Council where she has served on the Board of Governors.
She is an appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (a Federal Foundation in the Dept. of Citizenship & Immigration Canada); an appointee to the Office of Religious Freedom as an external advisor ( Dept. of Foreign Affairs Canada); and is on the anti-semitism task force for the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust studies in Toronto. Christine also works as Public Affairs and Media Consultant for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Canada (ICEJ Canada) which has 80 offices globally. For the ICEJ Canada weekly program aired on Vision TV network, Christine is also Director and co-Producer.
In past, Christine has conducted over 1,700 live television interviews as a daily call-in Talk show Host on CTS-TV in Burlington, Ont. and was also the fill-in Host for the Christian Broadcast 100 Huntley Street, aired on CTS-TV and the Global Television Network. For this program, Christine also launched a daily news and information segment in a joint venture with the World Evangelical Alliance and Christian Post in Washington and New York. Christine launched four different programs on the CTS-TV network; one of them, a successful multi-faith investigative news magazine program “Faith Journal” which captured three international awards during her tenure as anchor and news producer. As a political and crime news reporter and newsroom editor, Christine has also worked as a regular national columnist and news analyst with Metro News (Owned by the Toronto Star). She was also a Senior Advisor to the Hudson Institute in New York. [1]



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