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The Cable Communications Asociation gave the Labour Party more than £5,000 in sponsorship in every year from 1997 to 2001. The Cable Communications Asociation is made up of Eurobell, Cable and Wireless, Atlantic, NTL and Telewest.

Cable and Wireless have 2 members of staff on Government task forces - Ted Dilley, who sits on the Export Forum and David McConnell who sits on the Creative Industries Task Force on the Internet. Greg Clarke, the Chief Executive of Cable and Wireless, was paid £382,238 in 1999.

Telewest's Chairman Cob Stenham sits on the Government's University for Industry Design and Implementation Advisory Group and both the DTI's Competitiveness Advisory Group and its Competitiveness Working Party on Promoting the Best of Best Practice. Telewest provided a bank of internet PCs for delegates at the Labour Party Conference in 1999. They own 4 satellite channels (Living, Bravo, Trouble and Challenge TV) and half-own 6 others with the BBC (UK Gold 1 and 2, UK Style, UK Horizons, UK Play and UK Drama). Cob Stenham's annual salary is £175,000.

Atlantic Telecom's Executive Chairman, Graham J Duncan, was paid £301,000 in 1999.