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The Bruton Group is the new name for the Climate Change Forum, a networking club which 'brings together senior executives from industry, public sector and academia who have a focus on energy, sustainability and infrastructure'.


Chief executive Mark Simon set up The Climate Change Forum in November 2007, which 'evolved to encompass a much broader range of related topics' and so changed its name to The Bruton Group in October 2013.


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The Bruton Group produces events, briefings and tours for:

  • Management board executives from FTSE-100 companies and equivalent
  • Environment and sustainability executives from leading retailers and manufacturers
  • Leading academics
  • Chief executives from high growth clean technology companies
  • Civil servants from local and central government and other agencies
  • Directors and partners from venture capital and private equity firms


  • Mark Simon - CEO, and also founder of The Chemistry Club which runs networking events bringing together global technology organisations, investors and internet start-up companies.
  • Trevor Brown - Managing Director. Trevor was a divisional Managing Director of a FTSE100 global business service group, and before that held main board level positions with two technology and internet based companies. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.
  • Jonathan Cordell - Director. Cordell spent two years working in Westminster for the Shadow Treasury team looking at value for money in the public sector and opposition spending plans. Before joining The Climate Change Forum, he was a Channel Account Manager for a UK-based Internet Service Provider.
  • Tessa-Elisabeth Hueber - previously worked for a member of the UK Parliament’s Energy and Climate Change Select Committee and for international organisations in Haiti and Austria.
  • Chris Blackett - Guest Relations Executive. Before joining The Climate Change Forum, he spent time working within local government and the Welsh Assembly.


June 2013

The Rt. Hon Lord Deben, John Gummer, Chairman of the Committee of Climate Change, spoke about the goal of UK energy sovereignty. He elaborated on the dependence of energy security, on a good energy mix, on long-term versus short-term decision making at the Treasury, and the need for a competitive advantage in green technology to attract investment and secure a low carbon economy. He also touched on the shift towards closer international collaboration and the local and national politics of innovative technologies, such as fracking. A lively discussion followed.

February 2013

The Rt. Hon Gregory Barker MP, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change spoke about the Government’s commitment to the Green Economy, the low-carbon goods and services sector’s response and the successes and challenges of a green economy, and future opportunities for UK companies. He restated the Government’s commitment to the low carbon agenda and briefly talked about the Green Deal, economic investment and the Green Investment Bank. A lively discussion followed.

November 2012

September 2012

Bernie Bulkin, Chairman of the Office for Renewable Energy Development

June 2012

Ian Marchant, Chief Executive, SSE

March 2012

Philip Lowe, Director General of the European Commission Energy Directorate [1]






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