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British Gas is now known as BG plc, but the name is also used as a brand by Centrica, one of the demergers from British Gas as it then was.

Company history

  • 1986 In August 1986 Privatisation of British Gas Corporation by the UK Government. All assets transferred to BritishGas plc, shares first traded in December.
  • 1997 In February 1997 the shareholders of British Gas plc approved the demerger of Centrica plc. British Gas plc was renamed BG plc.
  • 1999 In December 1999 BG plc completed a financial restructuring which resulted in the creation of a new parent company, BG Group plc.
  • 2000 In October 2000 BG Group plc completed the demerger of Lattice Group plc creating two separate companies.
  • 2002 In October 2002 Lattice Group plc merged with National Grid to form National Grid Transco.
  • 2005 In July 2005 National Grid Transco plc was renamed National Grid plc to provide a unifying identity across its operations.[1]


Lobbying firms


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