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The British Freedom Party (BFP) was a short-lived far-right political party in the UK. It was formed by disillusioned former members of the British National Party in October 2010.[1]

The party was de-registered by the Electoral Commission in December 2012[2] after failing to return the annual registration form and £25 fee by the due date of 31 October 2012.[3]

The party's initial entry in the Register of Political Parties listed its officers as party leader Peter Mullins, nominating officer Peter Stafford and treasurer Simon Bennett.[4]

Counterjihad links

Counterjihad London conference 2011

The BFP quickly developed links with the anti-Muslim Counterjihad movement. Members including Peter Mullins, Lee Barnes, Simon Bennett and George Whale attended Counterjihad London 2011.[5]

The party's website reported on its attendance at the conference on its website:

This was a golden opportunity for party representatives to meet, socialise and discuss with leading international figures, including the creators of influential blogs such as Tundra Tabloids (Finland), Gates of Vienna (USA) and Vlad Tepes (Sweden), leaders of the English Defence League, also delegates from Austria, Canada, France, Denmark, Germany and Italy.
On Saturday evening and through much of Sunday, we informally debated issues of Muslim influence and extremism in the West and the different strategies and actions that our respective nations might apply in order to curb and neutralise the growing menace of militant Islam. Though there was some healthy disagreement, all participants came away from the meeting with a renewed determination to meet the threat head on, and not to shirk our collective responsibility to defend Western values and freedoms for future generations of Europeans.

Former UKIP-er appointed chairman

On 9 November 2011, the party announced a new officer board, including former UKIP candidate and counterjihad activist Paul Weston as chairman, George Whale as national nominating officer, and Richard Bateman as treasurer.[6]

Merger with the EDL

Following a meeting on 19 November 2011, it was announced that English Defence League leader "Tommy Robinson" " proposed an association between the EDL and BF.[7] This pact proposed that EDL members could stand as election candidates under the British Freedom Party name, under suitable circumstances.[8] In April 2012 it was announced that the EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, would become deputy party leader. According to The Guardian he would focus on anti-Islamic strategies.[9]

Paul Weston was replaced as chairman in early January 2013 by the former EDL deputy leader Kevin Carroll.[10]

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The BFP's website appears to have ceased publishing (as of August 2013).


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