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Brad Mitchell is Monsanto's director of public affairs. He is one of the bloggers at the Monsanto's blog, Monsanto According to Monsanto, which marks the company's first formal foray into social media such as blogs and twitters.

The following is Mitchell's biography from Op-Ed News:

Brad is a Director of Public Affairs at Monsanto. Prior to coming to Monsanto, he was with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources where managed the Department regulatory and environmental programs. Brad has been working in agriculture for fifteen years. Aside from his work in the US, he worked on projects in India, Nepal and El Salvador. He has a particular interest in the relationship between agriculture and nutrition.[1]

As of March 28 2009 Mitchell had posted three articles on Op-Ed News, a forum that usually carries much critical comment about Monsanto. All three articles try to counter negative news stories about Monsanto. Mitchell's articles are:

  • "HR 875 - Monsanto's Dream Bill or an Internet Rumor"[2]. This is a response to Linn Cohen-Cole's article for Op-Ed News, "Monsanto's dream bill, HR 875", which alleges a Monsanto link to pending US legislation giving the federal government more control over farming and food production.[3]
  • "Do GM Crops Increase Yield?"[4]
  • "Monsanto and Seed Cleaners"[5]


Monsanto blog:


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