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Barclay Stratton Ltd was part of the Barclay Stratton Group. In October 2004 it was taken over by The Argyll Consultancies Plc and became part of their PR subsidiary Kaizo.

Kaizo noted:

Kaizo became a mainsream consumer brands company today with the arrival of the Barclay Stratton team - the latest acquisition by Kaizo´s parent, The Argyll Consultancies PLC.
Barclay Stratton is an award winning consultancy with a strong reputation in food, health, beauty and consumer brands - serving blue chip clients such as Dollond & Aitchison, Lil-lets, Nestle and Simple Beauty.
Today's announcement is the next step in Argyll's expansion and diversification plans, which saw it acquire The Practice in January 2000, Brook Public Relations in May 2001 and Beer Davies in April 2003. [1]



^ Kaizo Barclay Stratton brings award winning consumer capability to Kaizo October, 18 2004