Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom

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The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom was formed in 1994 through a merger of the British Atlantic Committee and Peace Through NATO. See It functions to support NATO and Western military interests. It is closely connected to TUCETU with whom it had a joint conference in 1998 and 1999.

By its own account:

The Atlantic Council was formed in 1994 when the British Atlantic Committee and Peace Through NATO joined. Both these organisations had a long history of supporting the Alliance but in the post Cold War period it was felt that there was sufficient overlap to bring about a merger.
The Atlantic Council receives funds on an annual basis from Her Majesty's Government. However, the Council acts in a non-party political way. This is reflected in the fact that it numbers all three major party political leaders among its patrons. The Council has a President, many distinguished patrons and a management Board.

It states that 'The main thrust of the work of the Council is in schools. We believe that it is very important that students have some knowledge of security issues. These are looked at in the context of life in a democracy.'

It is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Association.

See also: Atlantic Council of the United States, Atlantic Council.