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Please note that every new contributor to Powerbase must first read the Super-Quick Guide to Referencing.

Our Quick Guide to Getting Started covers the basics and has links to the all-important pages on referencing and avoiding libel.

By contributing material to Powerbase or editing existing material, you agree to adhere to our editorial policies and guidelines, which are set out at: Guide to sourcing | Guide to tone | Copyrights | How to start a page | How to structure an article | Etiquette.

Submitting an article is very easy! Start with the "Standard Layout" to fill in by entering the article title below.

To use the standard layouts (with predefined sections and sub-sections), type the article name in Box 1a (for individuals) or Box 1b (for organisations and institutions):  
Top Tips:

  1. Type in the name with spaces between words as normal.
  2. Use capital letters for the first letter of each word.
  3. Use the real names of people instead of any grand title they may have. So it's 'Lynda Chalker' and not 'Baroness Chalker'
  4. Leave out "The" from titles except where absolutely necessary. So it's "Heritage Foundation", not "The Heritage Foundation", BUT "The Times" because just "Times" wouldn't make sense.
  5. For companies and organisations, use the spelling that the company or organisation itself uses. However, for the page title, leave out suffixes like "Ltd", "LLC", "plc" and so on. You can include the suffix in your introductory paragraph. So it's just "Aviva" for the page title, but you can introduce it in your first sentence as "Aviva plc..."

For a page related to a specific Portal please use the appropriate box below:

Box 1a Names of people (generic):

Box 1b Names of organisation or institution (generic):

Box 2a Alcohol person:

Box 2b Alcohol organisation:

Box 3a Climate person:

Box 3b Climate organisation:

Box 3ai Counter-Terrorism person:

Box 3bi Counter-Terrorism organisation:

Box 4a CSR person:

Box 4b CSR organisation:

Box 5a Foodspin person:

Box 5b Foodspin organisation:

Box 6a GM person:

Box 6b GM organisation:

Box 7a Health person:

Box 7b Health organisation:

Box 8a Israel Lobby person:

Box 8b Israel Lobby organisation:

Box 9a Lobbying person:

Box 9b Lobbying organisation:

Box 10 MEPedia:

Box 11a Neoconservative person:

Box 11b Neoconservative organisation:

Box 12a Northern Ireland person:

Box 12b Northern Ireland organisation:

Box 13 Nuclear Spin:

Box 14a Pharma person:

Box 14b Pharma organisation:

Box 15a Propaganda person:

Box 15b Propaganda organisation:

Box 16a Scotland person:

Box 16b Scotland organisation:

Box 17a Spooks person:

Box 17b Spooks organisation:

Box 18a Terror expertise person:

Box 18b Terror expertise organisation:

Box 19a Water person:

Box 19b Water organisation: