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[[Category: Brexit |Daniell, Anthony]] [[Category: UK |Daniell, Anthony]]
[[Category: Brexit |Daniell, Anthony]]
[[Category: UK |Daniell, Anthony]]
[[Category:Conservative Party Donors|Daniell, Anthony]]

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Anthony Daniell, Source:Institutional Investor

Anthony Daniell is an executive at Winton Capital, a quantitative asset management firm founded by David Harding. [1]

Britain Stronger in Europe donor

Daniell was one of the biggest individual contributors to the official 'remain' campaign group for Britain's European Union referendum in June 2016.


Recorded by the Electoral Commission:

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to
30/11/2009 Anthony Daniell £2,000.00 Conservative and Unionist Party
18/06/2014 Mr Anthony H Daniell £15,000.00 Conservative and Unionist Party
15/02/2015 Anthony Daniell £8,400.00 Conservative and Unionist Party
23/03/2016 Mr Anthony Daniell £100,000.00 Britain Stronger in Europe



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