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The Ambassadors Club is an Israel advocacy course at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) in Israel. It is a collaboration between the IDC's Raphael Recanati International School, the Asper Institute and StandWithUs. [1] At the end of the year-long programme, students receive an accreditation endorsed by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[2] The programme was advertised on the IDC website by April 2008.[3]

+972 magazine reported in March 2012 that similar courses had started at Haifa University and Tel Aviv University.[4]

According to StandWithUs's website, "The StandWithUs Ambassadors Club has educated international students studying in Israel about public diplomacy and security issues affecting Israel and the greater Middle East. The Speakers Series brings experts from their respective fields, such as members of Knesset, diplomats, and entrepreneurs. Students are encouraged to ask questions freely to receive information from expert primary sources. After completing the Speakers Series, students receive a certificate of completion, accredited by StandWithUs and the IDC Herzliya. This program is run at the IDC Herzliya together with the Raphael Recanati International School and at Tel Aviv University."[5]

Ambassadors Club Cadets:

"The StandWithUs Ambassadors Club: Cadets Program is designed to provide students more in-depth insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and gain hands-on tools to combat BDS and anti-Semitism at IDC Herzliya for Speakers Series alumni. The Cadets Program sessions deal with important topics, such as Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict, answering tough questions, social media activism, international law and more. Sessions are led by experts in their respective fields. Participants finish the program through completing a final campaign designed to elevate Israel in the world. This program is run at the IDC Herzliya together with the Raphael Recanati International School."[5]

Ambassadors' Club Team:[6]

Members of the Board[7]


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