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Alyssa A. Lappen is a freelance journalist and a former Senior Fellow of the American Center for Democracy (ACD). She is the former Senior Editor of Institutional Investor (1993-99), Working Woman (1991-93) and Corporate Finance (1991), and former Associate Editor of Forbes.[1] As of April 2009 she republishes her writing on her own website.[2]

Lappen has co-written articles with Rachel Ehrenfeld of the American Centre for Democracy. These articles usually appear on the ACD website and in Frontpage Magazine.[3] Occasionally they appear in the Washington Times[4][5].

Pro-Israeli perspective

Lappen writes from a pro-Israeli perspective. On the history of the Israel-Palestinian conflict in 2001 she argued:

Under Oslo, Israel negotiated in good faith to exchange recognition of a new Palestinian state for peace--despite the fact that Arabs already have 22 nations, including the de facto Palestinian state of Jordan, and 5.25 million square miles, roughly half again as large as the U.S.
Still, bombers and gunmen took Israeli civilian lives – adding to more than 3,500 Arab attacks on Israelis since September and more than 557 murders of Israelis since the Oslo accords were signed. Arab terrorism and intransigence alone account for Ariel Sharon's landslide victory on February 6.
The false idea that Palestine Arab farmers had been displaced, first adopted in anti-Jewish propaganda in 1909, took on a life of its own.
As a woman with 25 years of experience on world class journals I find Middle East coverage Kafkaesque. Far from adhering to minimum standards of objectivity, reporters feed the flames of war.[6]


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