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*[[Kwasi Kwarteng]] - Secretary (Con)
*[[Kwasi Kwarteng]] - Secretary (Con)
*[[Lord Gordon of Strathblane]] -President (Lab)
*[[Lord Gordon of Strathblane]] -President (Lab)
**[[Alun Michael]] - Chair (Lab)
*[[Alun Michael]] - Chair (Lab)
[[Lord Harrison]] - Vice-chair (Lab)
*[[Lord Harrison]] - Vice-chair (Lab)
*[[Andrew Tyrie]] - Vice-chair (Con)
*[[Andrew Tyrie]] - Vice-chair (Con)
*[[Lord McFall]] of Alcluith - Vice-chair (Lab)
*[[Lord McFall]] of Alcluith - Vice-chair (Lab)

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The All-Party Parliamentary Corporate Governance Group (APPCGG) aims to:

influence and develop understanding of corporate governance through the promotion of a culture based on responsible leadership and investment thus enabling corporates and their shareholders to enhance prosperity for the benefit of shareholders, economies and society.


The APPCGG was set up in 2004 with the aim of promoting best practice in corporate governance. It strapline is: 'influencing the policy agenda for business, economic and social prosperity.

To this end it holds a series of ‘working’ breakfasts, lunchtime and evening seminars 'where key issues and agenda items are debated by members of the Group and leading figures from both government and business'.

The Group acknowledges that there is no cast-iron template applicable to every business; it promotes the recognition that there are many ways for companies to create prosperity for their employees and shareholders. [1]





Benefits received by the Group from sources outside Parliament. Corporate Governance Forum acts as the group’s secretariat. As of October 2010: £2750 from Das Group, £10,000 from Bosch (UK), £2000 from Jon Moulton, £14,000 from British Petroleum, £10,500 from Lloyds TSB, £2750 from Jefferson Wells, £2750 from Bank of New York Mellon. £10,000 from National Grid, £10,000 from M+G Investments, £2000 from Hermes, £2000 from Richard Davies Investments, £5000 from British Telecom (registered July 2010).[2]

As of November 2011: Fidelity £5000, Legal & General £5000, Bank of New York Mellon £5500, Mazars LLP £5250, Jefferson Wells £2500, Jon Moulton £2500, Hermes £2000, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP £2500, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP £5000, BP £14,000, Richard Davies Investor Relations £2000, NationalGrid £10,000, M&G Limited £10,000 (all registered October 2011). [3]


The Group's website states that there 'are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for businesses interested in becoming involved with the APPCGG and joining the debate on the latest thinking in corporate governance'.[4]

Parliamentary Passes

In September 2010 and November 2011 the following staff were registered as holding a parliamentary pass:


Mr Kwasi Kwarteng MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Phone: 020 7219 3000



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