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(Financial benefits)
(Financial benefits)
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*[[Arup]] - £5,000 (11/06/2015)
*[[Arup]] - £5,000 (11/06/2015)
*[[John Swire and Sons]] - £10,000 (02/06/2015)
*[[John Swire and Sons]] - £10,000 (02/06/2015)
*[[China Britain Business Council]] - £4,500 (
*[[China Britain Business Council]] - £4,500 (08/07/2015), £4,500 (25/02/2016) <ref name="March"/>
08/07/2015), £4,500 (25/02/2016) <ref name="March"/>
===Benefits in kind===
===Benefits in kind===

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The purpose of the All-Party Parliamentary China Group is:

To ensure parliamentarians are kept well informed on China, and to act as a platform for discussions on all issues of importance to the UK-China relationship.


Officers (updated from June 2016 annnual general meeting of the APPCG)




Hong Kong sub committee chair

Deputy Chairs

Vice chairs

[1] [2]

Former Officers


The APPCG is one of the largest All Party Parliamentary Groups by membership. Full list of members can be found here: File:APPCG members list.docx (accessed from APPCG website in November 2016). [3]


Benefits received

From 19-26 February 2011 some members of the group visited Hong Kong. All costs were met by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (registered March 2011).
£10,000 from GKN plc, and £5000 from City of London (registered April 2011). £5000 from London Export Corporation Ltd and £10,000 from John Swire & Sons (registered May 2011). £10,000 from GlaxoSmithKline (registered July 2011). £10,000 from Astra Zeneca (registered July 2011).
The group’s chairman visited China from 29 July to 26 August 2011, assisted by the following: London South Bank University covered the cost of return flights from London to Beijing; Huawei covered the cost of two football tickets and hospitality for the Italian Super Cup final at the Beijing Birds Nest Stadium on 6 August 2011; Confucius Institutes Headquarters (Hanban) covered costs for accommodation, Chinese language training including a Chinese language course, and general expenses from 29 July to 26 August 2011. £5000 from Arup. £5000 from University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (Registered September 2011). £10,000 from HSBC (registered October 2011). £5000 from University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (Registered November 2011). Free upgrades on flights were provided (at a cost of approximately £13,040) by Virgin Atlantic when members of the group visited China from 16-23 December 2011 (registered January 2012). [4] [2]

Financial benefits

These organisations paid the APPG:

Benefits in kind


APPG China Group Coordinator, Office of Richard Graham MP

Address: London SW1P 0AA

Tel: 02072197077


Website: http://appcg.org.uk



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