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Alcohol badge.jpg This article is part of the Spinwatch public health oriented Alcohol Portal project.


(INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION) Current Role Full details of current role or roles, What individual does and through what organisations private and Professional financial relationships or links

Background/Career History

Previous roles, education biographical Information and relevant personal information that is publicaly available on for example, family members, spouse, education

Background/Career History

Previous roles, education, biographical Information, only information that is publicly available

Views and Controversies

CSR, Policy positions, Stance on relevant issues e.g. Minimum pricing of alcohol, advertising and marketing,

Conflicts of interest

Where applicable


Membership of Trade bodies, professional associations, Policy Groups, Political Affiliations, This can be a list that is discussed under activities Other Professional Roles, board memberships, charity patron or involvement,


Clients Other clients even if not related directly to addictions


Personal and Professional

Other Resources

Other interesting profiles or articles on the individual

Contact details

Only if already public information


All sources used