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[[Category:Alcohol Web of Influence]]
[[Category:Web of Influence]]

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Alcohol badge.jpg This article is part of the Spinwatch public health oriented Alcohol Portal project.

NAME (DATE, PLACE Established)

(INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION) Organisation or Corporation introductory information, what they do/who they are Type of business, size, location,


Origins, details of significant mergers/acquisitions etc


Details of significant brands, and market share


Other businesses owned


Chief executive, board members, key people linked to the company or brand

Policy Positions

Company publications and public debates should be helpful here to determine company/industry policy positions if they are not explicitly stated

Political Connections

Membership of policy groups and relationships with policy makers, Politicians, Political Donations or endorsements Revolving door

Lobbying & PR

Firms used, Issues lobbied on, support from other corporations/ industries


Membership of Trade Associations, Industry Groups, Front Groups, Professional bodies, charitable foundations


CSR Initiatives, philanthropy, charitable donations or trusts


Conflicts of interest, criticisms etc.

Other Resources

Other interesting profiles or articles on the individual


Contact details, only if already public information


All sources used